With experienced and whole-hearted architects, STS Corporation is willing to provide various designing services for variety fields from office, commercial to hotel, residential project...
STS Corporation provides full designing services, from sketch to detail, from urban design to landscape designing…with high aesthetical quality and effectiveness.



For all the firm, office is the place people come to work together. It is the place where they do various job to achieve a specific goal and objective.  But in fact, employees often feel stress, and work inhibition and ineffective because they do not have a comfortable working space to work and relax.

With the closed operating process from designing, construction to manufacturing and fitting, STS Corporation always tries the best to create elegant and luxurious working office environment that can meet the highest aesthetical standard and space utilization

With professional and enthusiastic team, STS Corporation is totally confident to meet all the customers’ severe requirements; aiming to provide the best service to our customers.

Village, House and Apartment:

Today, to create a real family nest, in addition to the human factor is another important factor as it is your house or apartment. So the design or construction of a house that brings harmony feng shui, interior amenities will contribute to enhance the warmth of your family.

Interior design must meet criteria such as: - beautiful - cost savings, in addition to the function as to avoid the rain and wind, it was a soul, life style and your personality.

STS Corporation always tries to create the best living environment reflecting individual customer style and characteristic. We aim to create interested and animated functioning area to meet all the customers’ diverse demand.

With motion “Customers’ satisfaction is the designers’ success”, STS team is taking all the possible opportunity to perfect our technical skill in order to bring our customers the best services.

Hotel & Restaurant:

Currently, the demand for food is beautiful and evens the common needs of all people in society. To meet those needs the cafes, restaurants and hotels to improve service quality. The first impression that the hotel restaurant and brings customers not only well organized, attentive welcome addition is the creative space designed to bring interested customers

An indispensable factor in the quality of service of the restaurant and hotel design and interior architecture. When the client is eating good food and relax at a luxurious space, courtesy and comfort that would be great.

Shop – Retail – Showroom:

Because of the special characteristic, these projects design must create the customers’ impression at the first sight; therefore, the designers are required to be very clever and perfectly in creating artistic space.

The functioning environment is mixed and coordinated to create the united bloc reflecting the impression and fascination and most important the product’s special characteristic.